Atha yoga anushasanam[1]

Today's Yoga in Los Alamos - Tuesday, October 25

Sarah Gustafson
Yoga and Sarah met one Sunday morning before waffles, and they hit it off...
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Style:Family Yoga, ages 2-5 with an Adult
Drop-in cost:$10
Cost: $10/session for non-members; $5/session for Friend level, and no charge for members at the Supporter level or higher.
Registration Required. Class size is limited to 16 including children.
What to Bring: Yoga mat or towel, comfortable clothes, stuffie or quiet toy Family Yoga weaves poses into story, song, and games to foster creative expression while developing coordination and balance. Parents and children gain flexibility, strength, and awareness. Sarah is wonderful at engaging little minds and bodies! Adults may bring one or two children. While Yoga, Interrupted focuses primarily on adults, Family Yoga focuses primarily on children.
Last updated:Jan 7 2015
Extra Info:
Style:Vinyasa flow
The vinyasa style class has an emphasis toward a flow style series linked to breath. Be prepared for a class that will challenge your strength, flexibility, balance, and truly strengthen your core. Participants are encouraged to listen to their bodies and modify postures to maintain breath throughout their practice. If you are pregnant or have an injury please inform me before class. Please plan on arriving on time and staying for the entire class.
Last updated:Nov 25 2014
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A fast-paced, dynamic Vinyasa style class that incorporates standing and seated poses, balance sequences, core strengthening and relaxation to leave you feeling strong, flexible, calm and centered.
Last updated:Apr 15 2016
Jo Ann Burtard
Trained in the Iyengar tradition, Jo Ann has been instructing for over 18 years[...]
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Drop-in cost:$15
Last updated:Jun 21
Jo Ann Burtard
Trained in the Iyengar tradition, Jo Ann has been instructing for over 18 years[...]
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Drop-in cost:$18
Last updated:Jun 21
Lori Erickson
I have been co-teaching this class with Mike for about 4 years. I am initially...
, Mike
Mike Hoog
Mike started this class in 2005. We request a dollar donation (if you are...
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Style:Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Power yoga, and improvisation
Drop-in cost:$2
Last updated:Oct 24
WARNINGNo class Oct 25

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